Are You Ready For the Post COVID World?

Ten years ago, if your business didn’t have a website it was as if you didn’t exist.

Today, if you’re customers can’t find you on Google, it is as if you don’t exist.

Today, with COVID-19, if your business isn’t selling online, you are missing out on sales and jeopardizing your future.  As the world looks to a post-COVID new normal, online sales will be considered ordinary.

Consumer behavior is being forever changed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Customers are scouring the Internet for ordinary items like disinfectants and toilet paper. As more consumers discover how easy it is to shop online, they are becoming accustomed to the convenience and will expect it.

If you don’t participate, you can’t compete. The business landscape has always been defined by competition and change. COVID is accelerating this.

Are you ready?

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About the Author

Certified by HubSpot in the areas of Inbound Marketing, Content Marketing, and Email Marketing, Neal has been involved in Internet Marketing since the mid-Nineties. He also is Google Analytics certified and loves SEO.