How to Make Writing Blogs Easier

Writing blogs or website content can intimidate some people. But, it doesn’t have to be hard, and it doesn’t have to be complicated. So, here are some tips to help make blogging easier.

Don’t let writing seem like a more significant challenge than it is.

Think in colloquial terms. You most likely can easily talk about a subject you know well without much thought. Salespeople do this all the time. Writing down what you would typically say is all that blogging is about. You’re merely telling a story – just write it down. Relax! Don’t overthink the process.

Be like Hemmingway, not Tolstoy.

Keep your message and writing simple. Hemmingway was able to convey complex descriptions succinctly. Avoid complexity and keep your sentence structure simple. Reading online differs from reading books – people tend to skim online articles.

Write articles that your readers will find helpful and informative.

Your content should be helpful in some way. For example, can you help solve a problem or answer a question? Do you have timely news about something important to your readers? Providing help and answering questions is a great way to build relationships and become the authority in your field.

Use a calendar to plan your message.

Most businesses have some degree of seasonality. For many retailers, the Back to School and Holiday rushes are apparent. However, even for companies that have a steady income stream, you can generally find some opportunities to use events as a tactic to reach out to your customers. By the way, this type of calendar is known as an Editorial Calendar. HubSpot has a great how-to article to help guide you on making one using Google Calendar.

Lists and headings are your friends.

Online readers tend to skim (you just read that, didn’t you?). Use lists and headings to make it easy for your reader to digest your message. Here’s a list that summarizes this article:

  • Simple or short
  • Helpful
  • Informative
  • Timely

You may have noticed something in the above list. It’s known as the SHIT method – just a silly mnemonic to help you write better blogs. If all else fails, use the KISS methodGood luck!

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