Social Media Improves Traffic and Visibilty

Social Media is playing an even more significant role in Google rankings. Facebook, Twitter, and Google’s very own Google + (Editor’s note – Google has retired Google + and is no longer a ranking factor) are potent influences on your organic search results. Traditionally when optimizing a website for top placement in Google, there was no quick fix or magic bullet that could instantly alter your ranking. That is largely still true, but Social Media does have the potential to boost traffic to your site for both short and long-term effects.

The Impact of Social Media on Google Rankings and Organic Search Results

We have seen client sites that are integrated with social media become spidered and indexed within 30 minutes of publishing new content. As always, the quality of content is paramount. Making posts without significantly unique and meaningful content will not assure you of positive results. The same standards that Google has preached remain. Do not be tempted to misuse or abuse Social Media; it is not the “new” way to keyword stuff or cloak. If you spam via Social Media, you will suffer the same penalties as you would risk with your website.

Google has just announced that it will personalize search results based on your connectivity and interaction with social media. This change expands existing personalization but with an even greater weighting based on your interaction with social media sites. This shift is much more significant in Google’s algorithm than in the Panda update. This factor will pressure site owners to become more socially integrated, although not all sites will benefit.

Choosing the appropriate social media sites is integral to your online marketing strategy. Facebook is an obvious choice and does merit serious consideration. Twitter is another near obvious choice, and Google + offers certain advantages. Other sites may also be considered based on your goals and customer profile. Each has its strengths and weaknesses as well as logistical considerations.