Why Websites Are Like Gardens

Websites are like gardens. When they are brand new, they look great, everything in its place, neat and orderly. It has so much potential, and you look forward to it yielding results after your hard work and time creating it.

But as soon as you turn your back, you’ve got problems. It’s full of weeds, rabbits and other pests are stealing your crops, drought sets in, and it hasn’t produced anywhere near what you had hoped for. Everything seems harder than you thought it would be, and you don’t have nearly enough time to tend to it properly.

All Websites (and Gardens) Need:

Planning and Preparation

A successful website needs to be planned to meet your customers’ needs and your business goals. Site architecture, hosting plans, the correct content management systems, security, and much more go into a fruitful website.

Planting Seeds

Does your website have the right content to attract customers? Is it up to date? You need to have content that attracts your target customer.

Watering & Fertilizing

Your website needs to be found on the major search engines. Good organic SEO helps with that, but you might need the help of Search Engine Marketing and Email campaigns too. Local SEO assures that your customers can find you in search engines and other places where they expect to find businesses like yours.


All websites need to be maintained. Keeping your website software updated helps prevent security breaches and hacking. Old content needs to be updated, and additional pages added. Older websites might need to be upgraded to be mobile-friendly and function correctly on smartphones.


Are you getting the results that you planned for? Are you getting sales or leads? Do people mention your website? Can you measure your traffic or results? Analytical tracking can provide data on how many visitors you get and how they use your website.

Preparation for the Next Season

Your website should be able to grow with your business. This saves you money and allows you to respond to changing market conditions. Our designs anticipate your growth and are ready to expand whenever you are.

Does any of this remind you of your website? Has it been maintained? Does it produce results? Are you overwhelmed and need someone to bring it back to life? Let our experience and green thumbs help.

West Bay Web can provide solutions to any problems you may have – all tailored to your individual business needs.