Where Should I Publish – On Facebook or My Website?

The simple answer is BOTH, but nothing is that simple, is it? So a slightly longer answer is to publish on your website first and then promote that content elsewhere.

Your website should always be the center of your Internet marketing.

Facebook and other social networks should support your website as your primary content source.

Your goal is to drive potential customers to your website – not just to hang out on Facebook.

Your website should be the primary focus of where you first publish content to help build authority with the search engines and attract visitors to your website. In most cases, leads generated through organic traffic to your website will have the lowest cost per acquisition and highest conversion rates.

Facebook and other social media networks have an essential supporting role in increasing traffic to your website. Links from social media or another website that link to your website increase your domain authority with Google and Bing. If you only publish on Facebook, then Google rewards you with NOTHING. Sure, you will get the love and attention that Facebook can provide, but why not take advantage of both?

How you should use Facebook to promote your website content

  1. Publish your content on your website first. This content can be a blog post or any other page on your site.
  2. Write a brief description of your content. It should be engaging and exciting to your Facebook readers. This summary will be what you use as your Facebook post. Always include a link to your content, usually at the end of your post.
  3. Don’t just copy and paste the same title and content from your website content. You want this description to be unique so that Google does not see it as duplicate content.

Promote your content on other appropriate social media and websites

Appropriate is the key word. Don’t spam sites with links that have no context. If you are a travel agent, the odds are that promoting your content on a handyman’s website probably has little relevance. Stick with sites that have a natural affinity for your product or service.

You can also promote content in your promotional emails and newsletters.

This method will:

  • Boost traffic quickly.
  • It improves how fast search engines will index your new content.
  • Engage you with your customers.
  • Increase your brand awareness with key influencers.

West Bay Web does not recommend auto-posting from your blog to Facebook as this does not follow the method described above. While automating specific tasks is worthwhile, taking an extra minute or two, in this case, will yield better results.