Local Search Engine Optimization SEO Services For Small Business

As a business owner, you always look for cost-effective ways to attract more customers. For most small businesses, Search Engine Optimization, specifically Local Search Engine Optimization, is the most crucial factor in getting to the top of Google search rankings and getting more traffic to your website.

What is Local Search Engine Optimization?

Local Search Engine Optimization is a type of SEO that ranks businesses based on how well they match up with a particular user's geographic location. This kind of SEO is very similar to regular Google or Bing searches, but there are some key differences. For example, when someone performs a local search, Google and Bing use a distinct set of ranking factors than those used for general web searches.

Some of the Local Search Engine Optimization factors include:

Local SEO Services
West Bay Web provides Local SEO services to many Traverse City area businesses.
  • The location that the user is searching from.
  • NAP (Name, Address, Phone) citations.
  • Presence of Google My Business listing. Have you claimed your GMB/BMB listing yet?
  • Keywords used within the Google My Business and Bing My Business profiles
  • Online reviews. This includes ratings and the sentiment and keywords used within those reviews.
  • Social media sharing

About Google Maps and Mobile Results

Local searches account for a whopping 46 percent of all searches on Google. Additionally, searches from mobile devices account for 61 percent of all searches on Google. Quite often, consumer decisions are made while on their phone. They are looking for a product or solution with the intent to purchase as soon as they find the appropriate vendor. This means that your local search results are more critical than ever.

When Google presents search results, they display the top three businesses on Google Maps. This is shown before the regular search results on a mobile device or smartphone. This drives down competitors that would otherwise be displayed on a larger screen where the map takes up less screen space. These map results are heavily biased based on the location from where the search is performed from. The search term is essential, but local search qualifiers such as "near me" or the city name within the search query substantially influence the results.

Depending on location, you may see different results for "Traverse City Local Search Engine Optimization Services." If you are in downtown Traverse City, your results are other than if you were on the west side of town or from a nearby city. This is especially important for businesses like HVAC, plumbers, coffee shops, etc., where local proximity can be a significant consideration for the consumer. Someone in Queens is probably not looking for a coffee shop on Staten Island. The same holds true regionally. So, your SEO strategy and efforts will vary if you are in Northern Michigan versus Ann Arbor, Detroit, Grand Rapids, or Traverse City.

Why Local SEO Matters

Traditional brick-and-mortar small businesses get most of their sales from within their immediate local area. Therefore, you must reach your customer base and deliver your message to them. Therefore, your digital marketing strategy should include Local SEO as part of your overall SEO strategy.
West Bay Web provides Local Search Engine Optimization services to many Traverse City area businesses.

Today most consumers search online before making a buying decision. But, if they don't find you in the major search engine results, it's as if you don't exist. You've lost an opportunity.

Consumers expect to find you online. Therefore, your online presence is vital for attracting your prospective customers. With targeted local search marketing strategies, you can draw your ideal customers.

You are losing sales if your company website doesn't appear in local searches for your product, service, or brand.

Google and Bing list local businesses alongside search results to help consumers find products and service providers in their area. We can fine-tune your website so that you are included in these results and your target audience can find your business.

A well-planned Local Search Engine Optimization campaign can increase your online visibility, deliver more qualified traffic to your website, generate more contacts and phone calls, and ultimately more traffic to your physical location.

West Bay Web offers a comprehensive package of Local Search Engine Optimization Services to help your business thrive!

Our Local SEO Services Include:

  • Local Search Engine Optimization Site Audit – This is a general checkup of your site to identify problems and set a course for correcting them. The audit then becomes the blueprint for designing your search engine marketing strategy.
  • Verify that your overall search optimization settings are correct.
  • Verify ranking on local mobile searches. Optimize content for mobile devices.
  • Local and regional citation creation, optimization, and modification.
  • Analyze your Google Search Console and Google Analytics performance to discover what search terms your prospective customers use in organic searches when searching for your business.
  • Research keywords and phrases your customers use to find sites like yours and your competitors. We also analyze the search intent of the search query in relation to the various stages of the buyer's journey to assist your content creation so that it provides the appropriate, relevant content in internet searches.
  • Optimize website content to appropriately include those contextual to your business, products, and services within your geographic area.
  • Verify and correct (as needed) your NAP (Name, Address, Phone) listings. This need to be consistent across the web. Incorrect or inconsistent business location details can cause serious harm to your online search performance.
  • Add Schema Markup to your website so that Google and other search engines can list you properly for the type of business, locations, and service area.
  • Claim, configure, and optimize your Google My Business, Google Maps, Bing Places, Apple Maps Listings, and other contextual online directories.
  • Register your website with appropriate directory listings, local directories, and business listings with correct citations, NAP, description, etc.
  • Verify proper Social Media integration.
  • Examine your online reviews and assist you in managing your online reputation.
  • Content gap analysis examines your site content and compares it to your competitors.
  • Our SEO experts can provide content writing and marketing, which offers quality content creation with the contextual subject matter and search terms used by your potential customers when searching for products you offer.
  • And more depending on your business needs.

How Does Content Marketing Affect Local SEO Results?

Content marketing is writing relevant and helpful content that helps your target audience. This includes blog posts, product descriptions, and other web page content. Good quality content provides better online experiences for your customers, building interest and trust. This should be a crucial part of your marketing efforts.

When writing your content, you should always write for your customer, never for Google!

Your writing style should reflect your personality and business. Write using the exact words that your customers would use. Try to include the exact keywords (in a natural manner) that your customers would use to find you.

Keyword types include exact keywords, broad keywords, and long-tail keywords.

Exact Keywords: These are the most specific keywords that describe your products or services. They're usually found at the beginning of a phrase.

Broad Keywords: These are more general keywords that describe your products and services. They're typically found in the middle of a phrase.

Long Tail Keywords: These are longer phrases that are less competitive than broad keywords.

Auditing your current website is the best way to determine what keywords will work best for your business. You can do this yourself or hire us to help. Our SEO team has experience helping small businesses start their digital marketing strategy. First, we'll review your existing content and identify areas where you could improve. Then we'll create new content and optimize your pages to rank higher in organic searches.

What about Paid Search Ads?

While organic search engine optimization and results are the best overall return on investment, paid ads, such as Google Ads, can be highly effective. We can assist or manage your paid ad campaigns. We are experienced in optimizing ad campaigns. Our Google AdWords services can help increase conversion rates and reduce acquisition costs while maximizing return on investment.

West Bay Web provides Local Search Engine Optimization consulting services to businesses. Our experts can help you improve your search engine rankings and increase traffic to your website.  Contact us today for a free consultation!

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