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Where Should I Publish – On Facebook or on My Website?

The simple answer is BOTH, but nothing is that simple is it? A slightly longer answer is to publish on your website first and then promote that content elsewhere. Your website should always be the center of your digital marketing Facebook and other social networks should support your website as your primary source of content. […]

Make Blogging Easier

How to Make Blogging Easier

Writing blogs or website content can intimidate some people. It doesn’t have to be hard and it doesn’t have to be complicated. Here are some tips to help make blogging easier. Don’t let writing seem like a bigger challenge than it really is. Think in conversational terms. You most likely can easily talk about a […]

AdWords Filters

Use Filters to Reduce AdWords Costs

AdWords is a great way that you can precisely target prospective customers. AdWords can be very cost effective assuming you understand both your customer and how AdWords works. Lacking this understanding can be very costly. I hardly ever recommend contracting your AdWords campaigns to an outside agency. In most cases, your AdWords person needs to […]

Social Media on Smartphone

Social Media Improves Traffic and Visibilty

Social Media is playing and even larger role in Google rankings. Facebook, Twitter, and Google’s very own Google + are very strong influences on your organic search results. Traditionally when optimizing a website for top placement in Google, there was no quick fix or magic bullet that could instantly alter your ranking. That is largely […]

Landing Page

Every Page is a Landing Page (or should be…)

Don’t be deceptive. In the world of online marketing you hear so called SEO’s talking about how you should create landing pages in order to do x, y, or z. Yes, this has merit but, the problem is that every page should be a landing page, and by default, it should exist for a specific […]

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

Google’s Golden Rule

Do Unto Others… Google is very clear that as a web author, you must provide useful and relevant information to your audience. This is Google’s Golden Rule and is the first and most important step in gaining Google’s good graces. Too many website authors (and owners) worry far too much about Google and forget the […]

Google is like golf

Google is Like Golf

Scorecard In both golf and Google, the low score wins. In golf, you are penalized for each stroke you take; Google penalizes for each fault that your website has.  As Google reviews your website it looks for transgressions, tallies up the score, and applies it to their algorithm to determine how you rank compared to […]