Search Engine Visibility Reporting

West Bay Web offers two standard report types:

  • Tracked Keywords Report
  • All Discovered Keywords (ADK) Report (our default report)

The Tracked Keywords Report measures specifically chosen or targeted keywords and is best for tracking specific goals.

The All Discovered Keywords (ADK) Report offers a general overview of your website's visibility in terms of search engine performance.

Because these two report types use distinctly different sets of data, the results of the reports may have distinctly different results and meanings.

Search Engine Visibility Reporting Understanding the difference between Tracked Keywords and All Discovered Keywords is essential.

Tracked Keywords are those specific keywords that are being tracked for a particular reason or goal.

Tracked keywords are generally decided upon by management or other individuals. As a result, these words might not be the exact keywords people use.

It is best to use Tracked Keywords for mapping individual keywords to pages, establishing goals, and tracking their performance.

All Discovered Keywords (ADK) are all the keywords that Google has recorded that have resulted in your site being displayed in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS). This is our default report.

Google Search Console is the source where these keywords are recorded. These are actual queries performed by humans. I stress the word "humans" because it is crucial to understand the human aspect of search. Part of this is to understand better the searcher's intent and which keywords they use to search for a particular item, goods, service, or any other entity.

We collect the data from Google Search Console and filter out statistically insignificant queries. Typically, this means we remove keywords that generate zero traffic and very low impressions over a set amount of time. This filtering helps maintain the context and integrity of the data set. We then load this data into our reporting software for analysis and generate the ADK Report.

We will adjust the ADK Search Engine Visibility Report over time to remove non-productive keywords and add newly found ones. The resulting metrics measure the overall visibility of your website across the tracked search engines.

The All Discovered Keywords list allows one to analyze which words are being used and help find opportunities to refine your content to match the search intent better and potentially result in better rankings. This insight allows one to examine your website's current content and refine it to better match your target customer's expectations. This data also provides you with information for creating new content.

It is important to remember that Google Useful Content Update rewards sites with useful content over other websites deemed less helpful.

One shared feature of both reports is the Competitor comparison. This section allows you to compare your visibility to your list of competitors. This report can be beneficial in analyzing month-to-month trends and identifying competitors that have significant changes relative to your site as well as to other competitors. Additionally, this can help isolate any variances caused by algorithm updates.

West Bay Web can also offer a variety of other reports depending on your needs.