WordPress SEO Services

We specialize in WordPress Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

We have the experience to correctly configure your website so that it will appear higher in Google and Bing.

We’ve been optimizing WordPress websites since 2005. By the way, we've been doing SEO since 1995.

WordPress SEO Services

Our WordPress SEO Services include:

  • A complete audit of your site to discover any problems
  • Next we compile a plan of action based on our twenty-five years of SEO experience
  • Implement changes to your site
  • Monitor traffic and search engine results
  • We can also provide competitor analysis.

Our goal is to provide you with the best strategy and execution to gain your business more targeted traffic and increased sales.

WordPress Search Engine Optimization Audits

We audit your entire site, auditing the various factors that affect website rankings, and then we plot a course of action to optimize your WordPress website for peak performance.

Just a few of the things that our SEO audits examine:

WordPress Server Environment
Is your website hosted on an optimal server and is it configured correctly? Improper server configuration, out of date database software and PHP versioning can hurt search engine results. Sites older than three years are at greatest risk.

WordPress Configuration
Many WordPress website suffer from misconfiguration. While WordPress is relatively simple to install, many developers are not aware of how to configure WordPress for best search engine performance.

Page Speed
Google values how fast your site loads as a part of how it determines where your page will rank. Slow websites get penalized. We can fix this for you. This task can be quite in-depth and technical. This can also set your site apart from your competition too.

WordPress Database
Is your database cluttered and slowing down your site? Over time, the WordPress database can get cluttered and slow your site down.

Mobile Friendly
Google announced in September 2016 that mobile friendly websites would rank better than websites that were not mobile-friendly.
Is your website Mobile Friendly? You can see what Google says using their free tool. https://search.google.com/test/mobile-friendly

Image Optimization
While this can affect page speed, it is also an often-overlooked factor that can increase your web traffic and search engine ranking.

We review the structure of your content and make sure that is semantically structured for search engines and is also easy for your readers to read. Page titles, headings, appropriate keywords and meta-descriptions are examined. The amount of text, use of images and rich-media, as well as recency of publication and relevancy to your audience are also examined.

Site Architecture
We examine how your site is structured and make certain that is done so both Google and your customers can easily understand and use your site.

Local SEO Factors
Since most businesses get most of their customers from their own local market, making sure that your site is found in local searches is critical. WordPress can be configured to assist Google determining your location. Other Non-WordPress Local SEO factors should be addressed as well.

Social Integration
Making sure that your site is linked correctly to your Social Media accounts. This is another often over-looked area that can help improve web traffic and search engine rankings.

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WordPress SEO Services